Contributing with your Digital Growth!

Managing your Social Media

Do you have a Small Business like Delicatessen Store, small restaurant, small food Producer etc…, which do you haven´t time to create and/or manage your Business Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn)? So, we can contribute with you! we bring a different concept to small Business, i.e. we manage your Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn). Creating the posts and Stories, making the Engagement to your Business in your respective Branch. “Let your Social Media always active”

*we don’t work with illegal products, alcoholic products, products that are bad for your health (e.g. cigarettes) and products considered for people over 18 years old.

Easy but Innovative


We act from creating of your Social Media until make the Engagement to your respective Target Audience.

Creating your
Social Media

If you haven´t the Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Don´t worry, we can create the Social Media for you before we manage and start the Services.

Language: English, Spanish, Germany and Portuguese

Creating Posts and Stories

Our Team creates the Posts and Stories on our Software and Public according to your needs. Through innovate Ideas and experience with the Market we can Create outstanding Material

Language: English, Spanish, Germany and Portuguese

Engagement and Follow-up

We follow daily your Social Media and do the interaction to audience Public as well as share in our Social Pages. Therefore we can send a monthly Report about your Social Media, with this we can analyze the progress

Uncomplicated and simple

Our Model

Our Essential Service owns a simple Rate that would be suitable for small companies, as well as start-ups, companies in development and others.




2 Post and 2 Stories per Week

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn


Monthly 2 or 3 Times
Paid Campaign

Follow-up and Report


Let your Social Media always active!!!

Next Step´s

Nor you have doubts, you are welcome to contact us!

> Sign Up to our Customer Portal. You will receive then an E-Mail with the Invite to Customer Portal. First click on “Accept Invitation” then you will be direction to create your password. On Customer Portal you will manage your subscription.

>> you will receive also an E-Mail with the information that we need and your shared folder on our Cloud, with this you can upload there your Fotos, Information, etc…

>>> After previous Step´s we start the Creation and Posts.

>>>> We share monthly a report about your Social Media that in your Folder will be available.

>>>>>> Then “Let your Social Media always active”

Customer Social Media ★★★★★

Our Clients

A range of Clients that we manage the Social Media.

WBM Sales Partner

Trader Company


Yogan Creamery

Vegan Dairy


Wenisch u. Costa

Delicatessen Store


Herr Tipps

Site of Tips



Potato Chips Premium


WBM Shop

Distributor in Germany


Zanetti Games



Thin. Content




Market Place